The Cookie That Wakes Up Before You Do: Introducing "The Raspberry Muffin Top"

Let's paint a scenario we've all been through: It's early morning. The world outside is still stretching its arms, your bed hair's putting on its own punk rock concert, and as you're shuffling around in half-awareness... BAM! Your senses get hit by an aroma that's all too familiar and heartwarming. The rich and tantalizing smell of Lehi Mills raspberry muffins. You know the one. It’s that scent that convinces you the universe might just have a sweet side, especially around the cruel hour of 6AM.

In what might be our most inspired move yet, we teamed up with the legends at Lehi Roller Mills. Why? To infuse their iconic muffin magic into the very heart of our cookie creation process. And after some kitchen wizardry, experiments, and probably a dance move or two, we birthed our latest marvel: The Raspberry Muffin Top.  Joining our menu from 9/1/23 - 9/7/23!

Dive deep and you’ll find a dough base that’s not just a base, but an homage to the signature Lehi Mills raspberry experience. But we didn't stop there. Oh no. We crowned this gem with a brown sugar streusel, giving it that crunchy, sweet contrast. And as a grand finale? A drizzle (okay, maybe more than a drizzle) of sweet vanilla glaze.

This isn’t merely a cookie. It's like those sunlit mornings in your childhood kitchen rolled up into a sweet treat, with every bite high-fiving your nostalgia-soaked taste buds. If memories had flavors, this one would be front and center.

So, while we all love a good muffin, we thought, why not take it up a notch? Meet our answer to that challenge: The Raspberry Muffin Top. Ready to relive those heartwarming mornings? Grab a bite, and let's make new memories together.

Why Stop At Cookies? Get The Muffin Magic Home!

In love with that soul-soothing aroma? Want to recreate those warm and fuzzy morning vibes in your own kitchen? We’ve got your back. While our Raspberry Muffin Top cookie offers a beautiful blend of the past and present, there's something uniquely special about baking those muffins from scratch.

For the uninitiated (or just the super fans), we're thrilled to direct you to the source of our inspiration. Get your hands on the iconic Lehi Mills Raspberry Muffin Mix and start your own morning revolution. After all, every great day starts with a great muffin (or cookie). Whichever route you choose, you're in for a treat. Happy baking!