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Life is uncertain. Our weekly menu change isn't. At Crave Cookies, every Friday comes with a new lineup of 6 unforgettable flavors and a fresh excuse to forget your diet.  Think of it as self-care with icing on top—because we're all about that sweet, sweet balance.

Not Raw, Just Right! - The dough-like middle isn't a happy accident—it's one of our most unique (and challenging) features. Achieving that is no walk in the park, and each of our recipes undergoes extensive temperature checks to ensure everything is fully baked—if you knew our secrets, you'd be as impressed as your taste buds.

available 2/23-2/29


Our signature vanilla dough meets the crunch of Heath toffee, drizzled generously with Ghirardelli caramel.
available 2/2-2/29


Red velvet dough, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chunks, and white chocolate drizzle. It’s like diving into a pool of every chocolate under the sun, with a red velvet floatie.
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available 2/23-2/29


Our pastry sugar dough is jazzed up with brown sugar cinnamon chunks, then slathered in cream cheese frosting.
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available 2/23-2/29


Cookies and cream dough loaded with Oreo chunks and toasted marshmallow.
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available 2/23-2/29


Chocolate dough blended with irresistible Oreo chunks, velvety chocolate mousse, light whipped cream, and a delicate touch of dark chocolate shavings.
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always available

chocolate chip

Signature dough bursting with guittard milk chocolate chips. So iconic, other cookies want its autograph (semi-sweet available every thursday).
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Elevate your soda experience with an irresistible twist of flavored syrups, smooth creams, fresh purees, and more!

Sweet Endorsements


Utah is seemingly saturated with cookie and soda places but this one stands out from the crowd. I’ve never seen more creative flavors and have ALL been good ones that I’ve tried. I’m impressed every time so this place is a must try!! The chocolate cream pie is a 10/10.

Jacob N.
Google Review

So good. Reminded me of the cookies from Levain Bakery in NYC. Definitely better than the completion around here. Hope to see more pop up outside of Utah. Really enjoyed the soda too!

Heath B.
Google Review

Honestly, kind of mad at Crave. The banana cream pie cookie needs to be discontinued immediately so that I do not continue to eat them.
Thank you for the delicious cookie that is currently ruining my life.

Erika E.
Google Review

This was my first time trying these cookies and OMG. Honestly I have always been a fan of the pink box, but I am pretty sure I’m making the switch to the black box. Do not hesitate to try these

Misty A.
Google Review


Nostalgia Made Edible Through Flavorful Innovation
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Make Our Signature Sugar Cookie at Home
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Want to save some cookie love for later? Here's how you can: Pop your Crave cookies into a container and let them chill in your fridge. They'll stay fresh and ready for snacking for around 3 to 5 days. Depending on the kind of cookie and the mood of your local weather, this can shift a bit. Want to hit the pause button for longer? Most of our flavours freeze like champs. When the craving strikes, you can thaw them out or even reheat them for that fresh-out-the-oven magic. If you're reheating, let them hang out in the oven at 350 degrees for a swift 5 minutes. Enjoy!

At Crave, what you see is what you get. No tricks, just cookies straight from our warmer. If it doesn't look like the ad, it's on us. We'll set it right with a free replacement!

Storing your Crave cookies? We get it, self-control is a virtue. The key to keeping those delights at their prime is an air-tight container and good old countertop. If they lose a bit of their soft touch, a quick zap in the microwave for 10-15 seconds will return them to their mouth-melting glory. Enjoy your cookies!

Our cookies aren't raw, they're just comfortable in their own dough. Baked at a cozy 325 degrees with a convection fan for company, we achieve crispy outsides and evenly baked insides. That slightly undercooked vibe? Totally intentional, for freshness' sake. Fear not, it's not a cookie mutiny, it's the Crave way.

Looking for nutrition facts? We're on it. As a growing biz with a fitness-friendly pulse, we know the importance of counting those macros. We're teaming up with a nutritional testing company to get the skinny on our cookies. It's a hefty process, but we're hustling to get you those facts ASAP. Stay tuned, health warriors, and keep the Crave cravings coming.