how it all began


A Cookie Conundrum

Ever had that sinking feeling of biting into a $5 cookie only to realize it’s the same basic flavor you’ve had a hundred times—just masquerading under a new layer of frosting? Yeah, we know. Welcome to the land of confectionery déjà vu and caloric regret. But don't fret, your cookie dreams are about to come true. No, seriously. Keep reading.

The Great Cookie Letdown

You see, the world of cookies has become a broken record. Cookie shops everywhere seem to think they can swap out one type of frosting for another and call it “innovation.” Cute, right? But not cute enough to fool you. You're smarter than that. You're also grappling with the challenge of mindful indulgence. It's not just about biting into a cookie; it's a full-fledged commitment of calories and cash. A gamble, if you will.

A Journey from Caloric Fear to Culinary Freedom

Enter our founder, Trent. Once caught in the crippling grip of an eating disorder, Trent lived in a world where every calorie was an enemy, where food was reduced to mere numbers. But life's too short for deprivation, and Trent knew it was time for a seismic shift. He challenged the idea that a calorie is just a unit of energy; for him, it transformed into a unit of joy, a measure of life's worth.

Revitalized and impassioned, Trent took to the kitchen, not just to bake but to heal, to create, and to share. With each new recipe, he poured his newfound philosophy into the mix, striking the balance between culinary excellence and emotional fulfillment. His path wasn't just about reclaiming his relationship with food; it was about crafting cookies that could help others do the same.

Welcome to Crave Cookies. The Game-Changer.

It's time to talk about Crave Cookies—your ticket to cookie nirvana. Crafted with top-tier ingredients that would make even the snobbiest food critics nod in approval, our cookies are a testament to obsessive craftsmanship.

Our culinary adventure wasn't just about throwing flour, sugar, and butter into a mixing bowl. It involved hundreds of trials, a sprinkle of neurosis, and a dollop of love. The result? Cookies that are gourmet AF, yes, but also emotionally rewarding masterpieces. Our milk chocolate chip cookie? Let's just say it doesn't just win awards; it wins hearts.

Crave Cookies doesn't just crumble the cookie mold, it obliterates it. Ready for a dessert that will redefine your relationship with food? Jump in and join us, because at Crave Cookies, every bite is a delicious act of self-love.