how it all began


In search of a cookie that doesn't just tickle your taste buds, but completely conquers your cravings? Dreaming of desserts so divine they dance through your dreams? Well, crave no more, welcome to your newest obsession: Crave Cookies.

Birthed from the nostalgic longing for oven-fresh, grandma-style cookies, Crave is all about satisfying that yearning for genuine, heartwarming indulgence. You know the cookies we're talking about, right? The kind that could turn the dreariest of days into a sweet delight and amplify the joy on the best days.

Amidst this quest, our co-founder Trent English stepped in with a transformational backstory. Once in the clutches of an eating disorder, Trent revamped his relationship with food, redefining the calorie as a unit of satisfaction, not deprivation. His newly discovered love for baking became the vehicle to share this philosophy.

After hundreds of trials, we hit the jackpot, crafting a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s not just a dessert, but a downright revelation. It's the perfect blend of Trent's journey and our mission to create a dessert that's delightfully indulgent yet guilt-free.

Our cookies are gourmet AF, hand-rolled, butter-infused masterpieces. With every bite, you're not just indulging, you're treating yourself to a piece of love, nostalgia, and a testament to balance. This isn’t just about cookies; it’s about making every calorie count, and giving you a guilt-free indulgence that makes even the ordinary days feel extraordinary.

Crave Cookies doesn't just crumble the cookie mold, it obliterates it. Ready for a dessert that will redefine your relationship with food? Jump in and join us, because at Crave Cookies, every bite is a delicious act of self-love.